Essential Things to Do Before Leaving for Vacation

Turn off your main water supply

 Leaks happen. And they can happen while you’re away. Since nothing ruins the glow of a good vacation like returning to a flooded home, turn off your main water supply if you’re going to be gone for a week or more

You’ve booked your trip, researched the must-see attractions, recharged your electronics, packed your bags — and now you’re ready to lock the door and take off on your big vacation. But traveling smart starts with what you do before leaving for vacation. I always check these things off my to-do list. They help ensure that I come home to find my place just as I left it.

Unplug all electronics

Yep, even if they’re not on, your electronics are energy vampires. Unplug your TV, microwave, toaster oven — anything that needs to be juiced — to save on your electricity bill. As a plus, you’ll also help prevent an electrical fire.

Adjust your thermostat

If you live in a place where AC is a must during the summer months, adjust the thermostat a bit to save on your electricity bill. A good rule of thumb is to keep it a few degrees higher than normal. (So if you usually keep it at 70, change it to 75.)By not turning off the AC completely, you’ll keep enough air circulating to control humidity and mold.

Seal open boxes of food and dried goods

You know the saying: When the cat’s away, the mice will play. But that doesn’t mean they need to play in your pantry. By putting your dried goods (pasta, rice, nuts) and other foods in airtight containers, you’ll deter any critters from having a field day.

Clean your home

I know, I know. But your post-vacation self with thank you for taking care of the nitty-gritty.At the very least, wipe down the surfaces, take out the garbage, and vacuum to prevent a critter invasion. And, if you want to be extra nice to Future You, put fresh sheets on your bed.

Check up on your insurance

 You knew this one was coming. Honestly, though, knowing what your insurance policies (car, home, renters) cover could save you both time and money if something does happen while you’re away Did you know, for instance, that your U.S. car insurance policy is valid in Canada? Yep, your liability and expenses are covered if an accident happens up north. Also good to know: the stuff you take with you on vacation is covered by your homeowners or renters policy.